Transport for Greater Manchester

Transport for Greater Manchester is the body responsible for public transport services throughout Greater Manchester. It owns Greater Manchester’s bus stations, funds essential bus and train services and owns the successful Metrolink tram network.

When TFGM began planning upgrades to the bus and tram infrastructure the requirement for a flexible public address system for stations, interchanges and platforms was identified.

With Cisco’s IP Telephony CCTV surveillance software already deployed. TFGM required a network based public address solution capable of providing audio announcements at locations throughout the transport network. The primary requirement was collaboration between existing telephony and CCTV monitoring stations. Operators needed the ability to make live announcements to individual platforms, stations or network wide broadcasts from telephone handsets or monitoring consoles.

Netgenium’s projector speakers and audio induction loops provide the hardware portion of this solution. However PolicyServer’s flexibility is the key to the integration with the CCTV and telephony systems.

The final solution see’s multiple audio channels exiting between PolicyServer and the Call Manager cluster. Each channel provides a dedicated audio session between the telephony system or CCTV consoles and the Netgenium Audio devices.

With PolicyServer already deployed and Cycle Hubs to secure. Providing and integrating physical access control into the solution was a simple task. The IP Lock Controllers sit on the same physical infrastructure and operate seamlessly with the CCTV consoles and telephony handsets.