Netgenium IP Power and Lighting Controller


The Netgenium ALC0808-IP is a Pure IP Power and Lighting Controller providing the capability to control up to 8 powered devices or lighting circuits with a maximum overall load of 20 Amps.

Each controller has 8 switched mains outputs, each capable of controlling a powered device, light fitting or lighting circuit up to 16Amps. The unit connects to the Ethernet network via a standard RJ45 Category 5e/6 socket. Power over Ethernet is optional with the unit. If PoE is used, the unit will report power outages via PolicyServer.

Each Unit offers local diagnostics via an eight way two-colour LED and keypad to show the status of each output. Comprehensive remote diagnostics are available via the Web Browser interface.The outputs of the ALC0808-IP(P) are presented on Wieland 6-pole GST sockets, providing Live, Neutral & Protective Earth. Two of the outputs have an additional Maintained Live and all eight outputs have a separate DSI output to support dimmable ballast luminaires. The Maintained Lives are independently switchable via separate contactors within the unit, enabling manual or automatic backup battery performance testing using Netgenium PolicyServer (requires luminaire brightness sensor). Luminaires with pre-wired Wieland GST leads can be connected directly to the unit. Luminaires with HFR ballasts and/or emergency batteries are connected via 6-Pole plugs; Luminaires with non-regulating ballasts are connected via 3-pole plugs.

The ALC0808-IP(W) offers the same functionality as above but has a wirable housing . Access to the housing is via 20mm ‘knockout’ conduit entries.


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