Netgenium Intercom Panels

Securely manage entry to your building with Netgenium’s IP Intercom Panel; an IP device which integrates fully with your IT network infrastructure.

Each device is powered from PoE and provides dynamic communication between a door entry point and one or more individuals within your building.

Netgenium Intercom Panels integrate with IP telephony using SIP or Cisco Skinny Client Control Protocol SCCP.



Features include:-

  • Stainless Steel (brushed) plate 130mm(W) x 215mm(H) x 35mm(D)
  • DDI compliant call buttons
  • Speaker (up to 3W)
  • Microphone
  • External Trigger, NC/NO ‘no-volt’ contacts
  • IP telephony integration (SIP & SCCP)
  • DTMF support for door control (SIP & SCCP)
  • International Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard 802.3af

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