Netgenium ALK370x-IP Lock Controllers

The ALK370x-IP series are the second generation of Netgenium PoE lock controllers.

The flexibility and scalability of the ALK370x-IP controllers is almost boundless. They are capable of supporting any Wiegand card reader and are equally at home in a single door deployment or a multi-site enterprise with hundreds of doors.

There are 3 models in the series – each controller features ethernet connectivity and configuration via a web browser.

Features common to the entire ALK370x-IP product range include:-ALK1_300dpinm

  • Single Lock port that supports magnetic locks and door strikes from a variety of manufacturers
  • Door Sensing, Local RTX, Local Emergency Exit Break Glass
  • Four ‘Flex I/O’ inputs
  • Four ‘Flex I/O’ outputs under local or PolicyServer control
  • External Trigger, NC/NO ‘no-volt’ contacts
  • Timed, Toggle, Lock & Unlock door operations
  • Doors can be opened remotely from an IP phone via XML/HTML application
  • International Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard 802.3af

Additional Features of the ALK3702-IP :-

  • Support for up to two ‘Wiegand’ card readers

Additional Features of the ALK3704-IP :-

  • Support for up to four ‘Wiegand’ card readers
  • Two lock ports
  • Support for IEEE802.3at PoE

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Application Support

Netgenium Wiegand Readers

Netgenium’s Wiegand card readers incorporate HID’s 13.5Mhz iCLASS smart card technology and support the iCLASS and MIFARE card formats

There are 4 models in the Netgenium product range:-

The WGR3601-WR is the entry level card reader in the Netgenium range. The reader incorporates HID’s 13.5MHz iCLASS smart card technology and supports MIFARE card formats.



WGR3602The WGR3602-WR reader includes an integrated keypad enabling three levels of authentication at the door; PIN only, card only and two factor authentication (card and PIN required).




The WGR3604-WR readers are ideally suited to hotel and student accommodation where room occupancy is required before power is supplied helping save energy and reduce both cost and carbon footprint.



The WGR3606-WR readers support the 56 bit MIFARE card format.