PolicyServer’s unique integration into the CUCM environment provides probably the most comprehensive integration between IP telephony, building management and physical security available today.

With PolicyServer integrated into the Call Manager solution, Netgenium audio devices (IP Speakers, Induction Loops and Audio Gateways) become part of the telephony system. In addition, Cisco telephone handsets with hands free capability can be imported into PolicyServer and can be used as part of the audio broadcast domain.


What does this give me?

Quite simply, it gives you infinite flexibility in the design and operation of your public address system.

PolicyServer will support an un-limited number of paging zones and offer the ability to assign each zone a directory number on Call Manager. This means any paging zone is accessible simply by dialling its extension number from any authorised handset on the telephone system. You decide at config time whether paging zones feature overhead paging through Netgenium audio hardware, Cisco telephone handsets or a mix of both.


Download the PDF document to learn how Netgenium’s intercom panels will register with Call Manager, call into the telephony environment and transfer control of the lock controller to the answering handset.

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