Formed by Network Engineers who realised that IP Convergence was about more than just voice and video, Netgenium is a manufacturer of IP Power over Ethernet (PoE) products and solutions, based in the North East of England.

Inventors of the IP PoE Lock Controller in 2003, Netgenium were the first company in the world to power industry standard locking hardware from Power over Ethernet. Industry recognition followed in 2005 with hardware awards at the IIPSEC and IFSEC exhibitions. Since then our portfolio has expanded to include what is undoubtedly the most comprehensive IP Public Address solution available today. Our Intelligent Lighting solution is evolving in tandem with the advances being made with Power over Ethernet technology and 2014 will see a series of IP PoE LED light fittings released.


The ethos of Netgenium is integration. We believe the future protocol of building management systems is IP and see the LAN as the enabler for the intelligent buildings of the future.

Netgenium are committed to innovation, research and development. Our in house development team continue to develop IP hardware and software for the intelligent building

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission is to enable our customers to get a measurable return on investment from their ongoing network infrastructure outlay by utilising Power over Ethernet technologies designed and manufactured by Netgenium.

Our Vision is to drive the acceptance of POE technologies for global intelligent building designs.

Our Values are Reliability, Open Standards and Ease of Use.


All of our products are developed and manufactured to the highest standards at our UK manufacturing plant.

  • Netgenium hardware consists of; IP PoE Physical Access Control, IP PoE Intelligent Audio, IP PoE Intelligent Lighting.
  • Netgenium software consists of; PolicyServer and NGxView Consoles
  • Netgenium O.E.M. products; Available as an option for key partners locally and globally by contractual agreement.
  • Netgenium roadmap; Hardware and Software products are continually enhanced and developed. Roadmaps for future technologies are available by discussion with the Netgenium management team.