Netgenium announce the integration of Netgenium IP PoE Speakers and Hikvision HikCentral VMS

By 24th September 2018Home

Netgenium and Hikvision have released the first version of the HikCentral VMS integration. For more information see the Hikvision Integration section.

Netgenium have partnered with Hikvision offering an integrated solution that combines Netgenium’s IP PoE Speaker products and Hikvision’s HikCentral VMS Platform.

The integration gives a HikCentral user the ability to ‘Talk to’ or ‘Listen to’ Netgenium IP PoE Speakers via the HikCentral Control Client software.

This solution allows –

– Users to make announcements to speakers on the local network
– Users to make announcements to speakers on the wide area network
– Third party monitoring companies to make announcements to their customers sites

Features of the integrated solution include –

– Communication from HikCentral to IP PoE Speakers via the IP network
– IP PoE speaker selection and IP PoE speaker control is accessed via IP Camera Live View or
by clicking on icons on the HikCentral Mapping Feature
– Ability to ‘talk to’, ‘listen to’ and adjust volume of IP PoE Speakers through the speaker control interface

Integration flyer

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